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Business Referral and Information Network

“… where minds meet and business happens”

Are you an entrepreneur located in Bali looking for a cost-effective, powerful and risk-free marketing opportunity to boost your business?

Business Referral and Information Network means

  • meet other entrepreneurs every week,
  • present your own business and
  • generate new business opportunities
  • expand your business network

Everything in a weekly 2,5 hours Business Networking Masterclass session. 

BRAIN is a great, extremely professional and effective community to help small and medium enterprises to grow. BRAIN is giving, not receiving. The community consists of farmers, not hunters. BRAIN thinks of others first and thus the community growths. Together! A fantastic Indo-expat business power alliance consisting of renowned and successful entrepreneurs.

If you want sales, you have to build sales trust. Join us and start to grow your business network. Don’t miss it !

Teaser – I use my BRAIN

I use my BRAIN

We are consultants, visa agents, property owners, property managers, IT specialists, videographers, food manufacturers, lawyers, software developers, marketing experts, construction…

Referral marketing

Marketing based on recommendations (referral marketing) by far one of the long established, most effective and inexpensive business marketing methods. Customer satisfaction is the key to a successful and sustainable sales strategy. A happy customer will happily recommend a product or service to others.

The marketing effort for the creation of a deal based on recommendations (referral based marketing) is on average 3x less than for deals that result from cold calls.

BRAIN gives you the exclusive opportunity to expose your business solutions within the business network of others. In return, the community expects the same for their own businesses. As a part of BRAIN you commit yourself  to help others and in return you will be gladly helped.

The BRAIN framework ensures that no conflicts of interest arise and that the community deals with each other fairly and professionally. The principle of healthy competition.